Bruce Stanton – Email 01

by walkerland

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From: Ryan Walker []
Sent: July 5, 2013 8:35 AM
To: Stanton, Bruce – M.P.
Subject: Spying in Canada

Hello Mr. Stanton,

I am a constituent from Washago.  I was recently discussing the spying issue with my MLA (actually my MLA’s assistant.)  She informed me that it was a Federal issue, and that my MP would be a better person to talk to.. hence my email.

Could you please let me know what is currently underway in Canada in order to address the spying being done by the Americans?  It is with shock and anger that I read the ever-worsening reports of what the Americans have done.  This is mirrored by many countries around the world, allies and adversaries alike.

What I would like to know is what Canada intends to do about this.
There are fifteen different issues that spring to mind, but some of the key ones:

(1) What has Canada done, or what is it doing, in order to protect its citizens from American spies?  For example, there are technical tools that Canadians can use to improve their safety.  Is Canada bringing these to light for Canadians, or taking any other steps to help us avoid having our information stolen?  Is there any sort of education program being complete or worked on, something to help Canadians avoid the American surveillance state?

(2) What is the your general feeling towards a response to America?  Our “allies” have been caught in an egregious breach of trust.  The International community is outraged, and clearly there are going to be political repercussions for America.  Where do you stand on this?

Mr Stanton, I am trying to understand where Canada is at with this issue, and my questions above are merely an idea of the types of question I, and many other Canadians, have for our Government.  I would appreciate any insight you can provide on the above matters, and on any other related issues.