Kellie Leitch – Email 06

by walkerland

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Subject:    Re: Fwd: Re: Spying in Canada
Date:    Thu, 01 Aug 2013 05:14:58 -0600
From:    Ryan Walker <>

Good morning Cailey,

We have now reached the one month point on my initial inquiry with my MP.  In that time, I have not received a single substantive response from her office.  I have not even received an answer to the softball question I asked in my last email, a week ago, which was simply “could you let me know what Canada has said to date?”

In the time that has elapsed, we have seen responses from world leaders from around the globe.  We have seen congressional hearings, testimony from people of all kinds and from all levels, and all kinds of action on the issue, globally.  And yet I don’t have a single, solitary answer from my MP, not even to the ultra-softball question I asked just to see if someone in the office could answer a question directly.  How hard is it to direct me to what Canada has said so far?  If they have said nothing, how hard is it to tell me that?

Cailey, who else can I talk to about this, given the ongoing non-responsiveness?  Is there an oversight committee, or ombudsman of sorts?  I’m thinking the PMO is probably the best bet.  I’d appreciate your insight here, as this is starting to feel like a waste of time.  I am familiar with the run-around, and your office is not even hitting that level of service.