Kellie Leitch – Email 08

by walkerland

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Subject:    Re: Fwd: Re: Spying in Canada
Date:    Wed, 07 Aug 2013 07:28:34 -0600
From:    Ryan Walker <>

Hello Kailey,

Thank you for the call the other day.

Per our conversation, there is probably not much reason to continue with research into this topic, as it is clear that Canada was not only aware of the spying, it is complicit, through its participation in the five eyes surveillance network, consisting of the USA, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and Australia.  Being that Kellie supported S7, I am fairly certain she is not going to get too excited over all of the domestic/international spying.

I cannot adequately express the amount of concern that I, and many like me, have towards the ongoing erosion of our freedoms, and the “go along to get along” nature of my political representatives.  What happened to our rights?  What happened to our freedoms?  This is a rhetorical question, of course.  These things are obviously not a big part of the modern conservative agenda.

Being that no progress on the spying is realistic, and no information has been forthcoming, I would like to change the nature of my inquiry.  I’d like to try and get at least a few answers from my political representatives.

As I write this, radiation from Fukushima is leaking at a rate of over 100 hiroshima bombs, per hour.  Of course the release of radiation has been ongoing for many months now, but recently, Tepco has lost even more control of the situation and contaminated water is now flowing, relatively unchecked, into the ocean.  I have several questions on this issue:

(1) Since the event occurred, what assistance has Canada officially offered Japan, if any, in dealing with the issue?  We are facing a disaster of epic proportions in Fukushima, and I’m wondering if Canada has done anything to try and bring our expertise to bear on the problem?

(2) What communications programs have been put into place to advise our west coast residents (and the rest of us) of the increased levels of radiation we are being exposed to?

(3) What has Canada done to increase its monitoring of radiation, particularly on the west coast?  At some point I read that Canada actually REMOVED monitoring stations, AFTER the disaster.  Is there any validity to this?

Any information you can provide on this would be appreciated.

Lastly, can you let me know if there are any open forums with the MP, or any public meetings?  I would like to publicly ask Kellie about the spying stuff, the Fukushima stuff, her support for S7, and a few other things.  I’d like to understand how she can rationalize voting for legislation that appears to violate the Canadian Bill of Rights, as well as the UN Declaration of Human Rights.