Bruce Stanton – Email 03

by walkerland

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Subject:    Re: Spying in Canada
Date:    Sat, 24 Aug 2013 07:02:49 -0600
From:    Ryan Walker <>

Thanks for the response Bruce, I am not sure what you mean when you say recent – my email to you was
sent over a month and a half ago.  In that time, I have contacted a number of other political representatives.  However, their answers have all been as useless as these ones.The USA has lied through their teeth, and nothing they say can be taken at face value (this is according to some of their own people!)  The most recent audit of CSEC did in fact find privacy violations for Canadians, although, conveniently, it’s uncertain as to whether laws were broken. Every day new revelations come out, and every day it becomes clearer and clearer that the rule of law does not mean what people think it means. How many secret laws exist in Canada, for example?  How much are we not told?  Ever heard of “Five Eyes?”

With that said, Bruce, I am no longer interested in pursuing the spying issue.  The answers I have gotten on it (and other issues, like Fukushima) underscore just how useless our political representation is, here in Canada.  I’m actually collecting all of the answers I get to build an essay to show how much the party line is towed, how little actual work people are willing to do, and how disconnected the desires of the average citizens are from the mandate of our Government.  Your response will help in this.

Thanks for your response – at least you are no longer in the “entirely non-responsive” category.  You at least get to move into the “stated entirely obvious things and assured me everything was fine” category.