Second Update to Politicians

by walkerland

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Subject:     Fwd: Fukushima Inquiry
Date:     Sun, 25 Aug 2013 07:24:43 -0600
From:     Ryan Walker <>
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Good morning all,

I hope everyone is having a restful weekend.

Below you will find the latest correspondence on my inquiry, a message that has been sent to Mr. Mulcair (who is cc’d on this email, and is now part of our e-mail group.)  This letter provides further insight into what I am trying to achieve with this whole process.  Some of you might find it interesting.

My next update will come when I receive a substantive answer from Mr. Mulcair.  If none is forthcoming, I will instead update you when I approach Mr. Trudeau.  Once again, if you do not wish to be included in these updates, please let me know.  If you have anything of substance to add to the discussion, please jump in at any time.

Lastly, if anyone feels that I have misrepresented our interaction, or your response to my questions, please let me know as soon as possible.  We will probably be bringing media into the process, fairly quickly here, and and I do not want to waste time arguing about what has transpired.  The important issue is Fukushima.  We need not waste time on things like “Mr. Walker misunderstood” or “Mr. Walker is unfair in his characterization of our response.”  If you disagree with anything I have said, regarding your response, please speak now.


——– Original Message ——–
Subject:     Fukushima Inquiry
Date:     Sat, 24 Aug 2013 09:56:46 -0600
From:     Ryan Walker <>

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

For the past month and a half, I have sought answers to two extremely pressing issues:  NSA/CSEC spying, as well as the ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima.  As the situation in Japan has degraded, and as news of its implications has worsened, I have shifted the focus of my inquiry strictly to Fukushima.  Although the daily revelations on spying and privacy violations are of great concern, the threat presented to Canada by the disaster in Japan is more pressing, more critical.

I have sought the assistance of a number of individuals at a number of political levels, including:

STANTON, BRUCE (MP, Simcoe North)

To date, I have not been successful in acquiring any answers of substance on any of my questions.  Although some of these questions should be a matter of record, I have received no answers in more than a month and a half.  I wish to know simple things, such as the assistance Canada has offered to Japan, in response to the crisis.  I would like to know what has been done to increase radiation monitoring, in Canada.  I seek clarification on whether or not Canada actually decreased radiation monitoring in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

The greater intent of my line of questioning is to spur someone within Canadian Government to not only take responsibility for answering some of these basic questions, but to champion the cause, to provide leadership on an issue that desperately needs it (not only in Canada, but Internationally.)  Canada, along with the world, stands flat footed, as the greatest disaster in history unfolds before us.  Clearly, we have a major problem.  Even if we put the best and brightest people in the world on this problem, there is no guarantee of a good end result.  At this point, no one is even trying.

Canada would receive worldwide recognition if it were to be the country to mobilize an International repair/containment mission.  We tout ourselves as leaders, as a shining example of what other countries should aspire to be.  Can we become what we say we are?  Will Canada be the country that had the courage to act, to act when no one else would?

Mr. Mulcair, I now put the question to you.  Is this a matter you can help with?

Given the time sensitive nature of the issue, I respectfuly ask that you respond in a timely manner.  On this issue, perhaps more than any other, haste is essential.

Thank you.

For your reference, I have provided the last update sent to those previously involved in the process, as listed in the email above.  It is self explanatory.

Hello everyone,

I thought I would provide the latest status update as to the success I
have had with my inquiries.  It’s been a month and a half now.  I have
contacted four elected officials regarding my concerns over spying and
(for some of you) on Fukushima.

Here are the results:

STANTON, BRUCE (MP, Simcoe North)
– Queried on NSA spying
– Took one and a half months to respond
– Re-stated obvious facts
– Assured me Americans are not spying on Canadians (based on media reports)
– Assured me CSEC follows the law, respects privacy (contrary to a
recent audit)

– Queried on NSA spying
– Feels it is a Federal issue.
– Provided no further comment.

– Queried on NSA spying, Fukushima
– Requested my address, phone number, contact information (provided)
– Has delivered no substantive response whatsoever
– Had a staffer call to explain that the delays are a result of cabinet

– Queried on Fukushima.
– Feels my MP is probably quite busy with her new appointment
– Has no answers for me
– Suggests I visit the Greenpeace web site
– Suggests MPs are underfunded and cannot handle volumes of email
– Suggests FOIA request, notes “that process takes some time”

As you can see by the above results, I have been entirely unsuccessful.  I have not found ONE politician who is willing to sincerely help me, not ONE that is willing to stand up and say (especially on Fukushima), “HEY, we have a real crisis here, Canada is doing NOTHING, we need to LEAD on this.”  Instead I get flippant non-answers, hollow assurances, and absolutely no commitment to action.  Nothing of substance from my MLA.  Nothing of substance from my MP.  No luck with a cabinet minister.  Nothing of substance from the leader of the Green Party.  Nobody.

This would be less concerning if we were not facing such grave issues, especially with Fukushima.  In case you all missed it, we are now seeing bleeding herring (which may be attributable to Fukushima), as well as cesium being detected in Pacific salmon (which is clearly from Fukushima.)  Very real effects are starting to be seen from this disaster and they are showing up on our shores.  And yet, we do seemingly nothing.

From here, I am going to summarize all of my concerns and experiences with you guys, and approach the NDP.  If I receive a poor response from them, I will then take the entire package and as a final attempt, lay it on Justin Trudeau.  He seems willing to take big political risks.  If I put a package in his lap that demonstrates how you guys have done absolutely nothing of substance to help me with these issues, it might be too big a gift to pass up.  Not only could he stand up and LEAD on the issues (extremely important issues, of major concern to Canadians), he could do it against a backdrop of political apathy and incompetence, on the part of his political opponents.  Seems like a hell of a gift, really.

I just thought I would keep you folks in the loop on this.  If you do not want to be involved as an observer in this process, please let me know and I will ensure you are not copied on any further emails.  If you do have anything (of substance) to add to the discussion, on spying or Fukushima, please do let me know .. I’d love any and all help I can get on these issues.  But at this point, based on your previous responses, I expect nothing further from any of you and will work through other channels to try and get results.