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On 13-09-17 3:13 PM, wrote:

Thank you for your email. Please know that we deeply share the ongoing concerns about the debris and contamination that is a result from the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

New Democrats feel that the Federal government needs to take this issue seriously. The economic and environmental implications are too severe to turn a blind eye. That is why we have repeatedly raised this issue with the Conservative government. Prior to the 2013 Spring Budget, NDP MP Peter Julian asked Finance Minister Flaherty to set aside money to deal with the debris hitting the Canadian coast. Please see attached a copy of Mr. Julian’s letter.  Regrettably, his request was not met and the Conservatives have yet to act on this growing concern.

Going forward, New Democrats will continue to monitor the situation. We will urge the Conservatives to rethink their budget decisions and put the safety of Canadians first.

Again, thank you for taking the time to raise this matter with our office.


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Link to letter:

Letter to Minister of Finance_re threat of Japanese tsunami debris headi…-1