Spies. Radiation. Apathy.

by walkerland


Ryan Walker, Canadian Citizen

Have you heard about the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan?  Have you heard about all the spying that our Government is doing?

In June of 2013, I decided to try and get some answers out of Canada’s political leaders, on these issues.  This was a big step for me, as I am of the firm belief that our Government does not really represent the wishes of Canadians, and that time spent talking with them is largely wasted.  I put this aside.  For once, I thought, I’d try and engage in the political process.  I started writing.

I wrote my MP.  I wrote to the prime ministers office.  I wrote to a cabinet minister.  I wrote to the leader of the green party.  I wrote to the leader of the liberals. I asked them about spying, and I asked them about Fukushima.

Some never responded.  Those that did, overwhelmingly, tried to brush off my concerns, or answer my questions by pointing to semi-relevant on-line information.  With Fukushima, in particular, I did everything I could to underscore how serious the situation is, and how poor Canada’s response has been.  I pleaded with these people to take some real steps to augment our response.  At no time did I encounter anyone who was willing to be a leader on the issue.  At no time did I find anyone who would answer my basic questions.  What I got was a whole lot of nothing.  I got responses, and suggestions, of course, but when you evaluate them with a critical eye, there was really nothing there.

Have you ever read the roles and responsibilities of an MP?  If you visit their own web site, you can see a list of the things they are supposed to help constituents with, areas where they are supposed to be active.  They are supposed to act as a champion for the people.  Not a single one of them did.  Not one of them promised any concrete action whatsoever, not even “I’ll mention it in parliament” or “our science guys are looking at it.”  At one point in my correspondence, I outright ask them if they have even read their job descriptions.  No answers, of course.

The rest of this web page is basically an overview of my experiences with these people (who claim to be civil servants.)  You can read my first letter, my last letter, and everything in between.  I’ve provided this all so that you can judge for yourself.  Read my letters.  Read their responses.  And then ask yourself whether or not you are satisfied with their answers.

I am disappointed with what I found.  I was ignored.  It felt like some of these people were of the opinion that they were doing me a favor by responding at all.  The responses I got were of poor quality, exactly the sort of answers one gets when one is getting the “kiss off.”  In the face of such serious issues, I was astounded.