IMG_2769My name is Ryan Walker.  I am a Canadian citizen.  I’ve lived in Canada my whole life, in Alberta, in the Northwest Territories, and now in Ontario.  My work experience is in computers, telecommunications, and remote and rural satellite.  I am the former CEO of a Northern communications company, and spent over a decade helping to bring broadband connectivity to the people of Canada’s North.

Throughout my career I have worked with all levels of Government, at various levels.  I’ve fixed their computers, overseen network service agreements, negotiated communications contracts, worked with their regulatory agencies, and much more.  In my estimation, I have a fairly strong understanding of how Government works.  I’ve seen it from so many perspectives, it’s hard not to pick up a thing or two.

I have always followed politics, but I have never participated.  From a young age, based on what I saw, I felt that my efforts would be wasted.  Throughout my life, I remained politically inactive, instead focusing on work, my family, and other interests.

In July of 2013, I concluded that I was part of the problem.  I decided that, at least once, I had to try and engage in the political process.  I picked two issues of great importance: Canada’s involvement in International and domestic spying, as well as the crisis in Fukushima.

This website provides you with a complete history of my experiences with all of these politicians.  I have included several months worth of communication with the offices of these leaders.  You can see for yourself what their responses have been, word for word.

This web site will allow you to judge for yourself.  Take a look through my correspondence with them.  Consider the importance of the things I talk about, the general worldview on these topics, and then consider the quality of responses I received.  Consider the positions these people are holding.  When you’re done, ask yourself: “Is this what I expect from my leaders?”

If you get through all that, and you believe my arguments have some merit, I could really use your help.  Call these people.  Fax these people.  Write letters to these people.  Get in their faces and let them know that Canadians will be heard.  Forward this web page to your friends, post it on facebook and twitter.  Get the word out any way you can.


These are civil servants.  MY servant.  YOUR servant.  Servants of Canada, our country, our home.  They are supposed to be accountable to us.

Let’s make sure they are.

Ryan Walker